EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
EzFender Bumper Hangers
EzFenders provide a permanent solution to tying your bumpers onto your boat. No more tying around railings, grab handles and out of reach dock cleats.
EzFenders can be mounted on Runabouts and Cruisers, easily mounted on Pontoon boat railings.
Securing bumpers and adjusting the height can't be easier, with EzFenders on board.

EzFender Qualities

EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
To Purchase Your EzFenders
EzFenders retail price is $32.95 per pair and $5.95 continental US shipping, for up to 6 pairs. We accept PayPal and major credit cards, through Paypal, with no Paypal account needed. We gladly ship outside the Continental U.S. For International orders, shipping and handling is a flat $27.95. Use the Add to Cart buttons below for your shipping area, add your quantity and color of choice. If purchasing EzLines, add those to your cart as well. At checkout PayPal will do the rest of the work for you. Orders will normally be delivered between 4 to 12 days. Want to pay by check or money order? No sweat! You can contact Bryan, at sales@ezfender.com for arrangements and mailing address. Do not use this email address for PayPal payments. Please use the buttons below to make your payment. 
EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket

The best Pontoon Boat fender line hanging system, available!
*Made of 6061, industry standard Aluminum
*Lightly tumbled for a "satin" appearance
*Anodized, tarnish resistant finish
* Easy installation!
*.530" hole, handles up to 3/8" fender line.
*Marine grade, Stainless Steel thumbscrews
*Marine grade, Stainless Steel mounting hardware
*Mounting instructions & drill template, included
*Sold and packaged in Pairs
*Measure 1X2 1/4x1 3/8" with thumbscrew
If you want to  become a vender or contact me for more information...
Send an e-mail to Bryan Hermann at

EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
Tying your bumpers to railings can be simply agonizing, to adjust those bumpers on the fly? Even worse! With EzFenders, your bumpers can be put on, raised, lowered and removed in minutes! When tying? Not so much! EzFenders make boating, a whole lot easier! Hence..... EzFender!

EzFenders were designed by boaters, for boaters! We constantly strive to produce the best product available. If you are not completely satisfied with your EzFenders, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

Now stop reading this fine print and get on the water!
The Original EzFender. Simply the best fender hanger on the market!
Makes for fast fender deployment.
Adjust fender height quick & easy.
No need to tighten the thumbscrew tight on the line. EzFender's are drilled with a special divit under the thumbscrew that the line is pushed into. Just a light tightening is enough to hold even the largest bumpers.
So simple to use! Our granddaughter is a pro at hanging the bumpers. She asks to hang them when she is on board! Excellent job, Olivia!
​ *2 colors to choose from. Black and silver.
Our most popular clear anodized, silver model. Matches all OEM silver railings.
Flat Black Anodized, for boats with black railings
Notice the divit, this provides EzFender's holding power.
     U.S. DOMESTIC        SHIPPING $5.95     1 to 6 pairs
 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING $27.95 1 to 6 pairs
Read our 2009 review from Pontoon and Deck boat Magazine. 

The look has changed since 2009, But the quality has remained the same!
All new EzFender  "EzLines" made by Soft Lines, to our exact specifications.
Made of durable polyproplene strands.
Won't mold or mildew like cotton lines.
Double UV protected, will not sunfade.
Stay soft, flexible. Easy to handle.
Will float if dropped into the water.
Our fender lines are 7 feet in length, they fit every fender application to protect your boat to the fullest!

Easy to put on your bumpers, just pull the fender line through the bumper, then through the loop. Loose end goes into the EzFender. Nice and simple! Like EzFenders!
EzFender lines are just $20.95 per pair, shipping is FREE when bought with any EzFender order.  $6.95 for 1 to 4 pairs bought separately.
You've been waiting for them, they are finally available! EzFender Fender lines to complete your Ezfender expirience!
 Our lines are 3/8" in diameter
    to fit our EzFender brackets
       perfectly. No Hassle! This
        systems works! Made for
          boaters, by boaters! And            tested for boaters, by 
EzLine's only, $6.95 shipping. For one to four pairs. Add the desired number to your cart
EzLines Free shipping with
EzFender purchase. Add one to four pairs to your cart
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Available in BLACK only!
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