EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
EzFender Bumper Hangers
EzFenders provide a permanent solution to tying your bumpers onto your boat. No more tying around railings, grab handles and out of reach dock cleats.
EzFenders can be mounted on Runabouts and Cruisers, easily mounted on Pontoon boat railings.
Securing bumpers and adjusting the height can't be easier, with EzFenders on board.

EzFender Qualities


EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
To Purchase Your EzFenders
EzFenders retail price is $29.95 per pair. Our website price, is $26.95We accept PayPal. Major credit cards are also accepted through Paypal, with no Paypal account needed. And checks by mail. Continental Shipping is a standard $6.00 for 1 to 6 pairs. We gladly ship World Wide, Outside the Continental U.S. please use the cart to figure your shipping rate. To purchase, use the 'Add to Cart' buttons to the right, and add your style and quantity desired at check out. PayPal will do the rest of the work for you. Orders will normally be delivered within 10 days. 

EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket

Permanant mounted Fender line holders
*Made of 6061, industry standard Aluminum
*Lightly tumbled for a "satin" appearance
*Clear Anodized, tarnish resistant finish
*Engraved Natural logo, no paint to fade
*.530" hole, handles up to 3/8" fender line.
*Marine grade, Stainless Steel thumbscrews
*Marine grade, Stainless Steel mounting hardware
*Mounting instructions & drill template, included
*Sold and packaged in Pairs
*Measure 1X2 1/4x1 3/8" with thumbscrew
If you want to  become a vender or contact me for more information...
Send an e-mail to Bryan Hermann at

PayPal accepts major credit cards with no PayPal account needed. Checks by mail are accepted as well. E-mail Bryan at sales@ezfender.com for details.
EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
What looks easier, tying your lines to the rails or threading it through the hole and tightening the screw?
EzFender Fender Mounting Bracket
Which boat would it be easier to adjust the bumpers on when docking? The Premier in the picture above, or the Manitou in the picture to the left. I choose the Manitou. In less than a minute, those 4 bumpers can be raised, lowered or removed. The Premier? You get the picture. EzFenders make boating, a whole lot easier! Hence..... EzFender!

EzFenders were designed by boaters, for boaters! We constantly strive to produce the best product available. If you are not completely satisfied with your EzFenders, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

Now stop reading this fine print and get on the water!
The Original EzFender. Simply the best fender hanger on the market!
Makes for fast fender deployment.
Adjust fender height quick & easy.