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EzFenders provide a permanent solution to tying your bumpers onto your boat. No more tying around railings, grab handles and out of reach dock cleats. EzFenders can be mounted on Runabouts or cruisers. Easily mounted on top of or below Pontoon boat railings.Securing bumpers and adjusting the height can't be easier, with EzFenders on board.

To Purchase Your EzFenders
EzFenders normal retail price is $32.95 per pair. In appreciation of PontoonForums, (which I am proudly a member) I made a discount available for members. Which takes the price to $29.95. Shipping is discounted to $4.95 for up to 8 pairs for US customers. $26.95 shipping for International customers. We accept PayPal and Major credit cards with no PayPal account needed.  To purchase, use one of the "ADD TO CART" buttons to the right to choose your shipping area. Add your quantity and color desired through the drop down bars. PayPal will do the rest of the work for you. Orders will normally be delivered within 12 days.
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2 colors are available. You can choose from flat black anodized and our original silver. The black matches most black powder coated  and anodized railings. The silver contrasts very nice with silver painted, coated and anodized railings. EzFenders integrate so well with your railings, they will give your boat a "from the factory" mounted appearance, everybody loves!
US $4.95 shipping 
 International shipping $26.95
Be sure to visit our main page for more pictures and information on EzFenders
 Simply the best pontoon boat bumper bracket around!!!